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How does Stay With Us work?

It’s simple – review the hotels available and book your room(s) either online or over the phone with us. You may reserve rooms as an individual or reserve a team block. If you book a block of rooms for your team, you have the choice of managing that block yourself and turning in a rooming list by the deadline, or allowing us to manage the block by having team members call us directly to reserve within the block. Having us manage the block takes a load of pressure off the coach or parent representative in charge of the rooming lists, and you will still have access to who has booked, how many rooms are left, etc.
What are the benefits?
  • When you book your hotel rooms through YMCA Competitive Sports Housing, your team becomes a part of Stay With Us. We have hand selected hotels that offer safe accommodations, good service and valuable amenities. We offer a variety of choices at different prices and distances from the event to meet your needs, but ensure a pleasurable stay at each.
  • Your support of Stay With Us helps Y-USA fund each National Championship and provide the top athletic facilities, equipment, and a great experience for your athlete.
  • Reserving a team block through the housing site is especially beneficial, as you do not have to sign a contract or worry about attrition or cancellation charges, and we guarantee the lowest group rate at each hotel.
  • If that is not enough, we will throw in surprise benefits such as athlete gifts, raffles tickets to local attractions and offer exclusive perks like discounted event parking. You never know what we’ll have in store!
What if my team wants a hotel that is not on the Stay With Us hotel list?

It is your choice if you want to book at another hotel outside of the program, however we do urge you to book through Stay With Us so that you are able to take advantage of the perks and benefits of the program. We contract with a wide variety of hotels offering a range of prices, distances from the competition venue and amenities, and you may always call in to discuss the options.



Will I receive a confirmation?
  • If you make an individual reservation, you will receive a confirmation email from our system shortly after you book. You will receive another email from the hotel with the reservation confirmation number once we turn our rooming lists over, within 30 days of the event.
  • If you book within a block, YMCA Competitive Sports Housing will submit your team’s rooming list to the hotel after the deadline, and you will then receive a confirmation email from the hotel.
  • The team representative who booked the block for you team can log in to our system at any point to see who has reserved rooms.

I found a rate lower than the rate advertised through Stay With Us. Why is that?

First, make sure the rate they are quoting you is for the same dates as the National Championship, and not their regular weekend rate for a slower time. If they did quote you for the same dates, please contact us immediately, as we are contracted to have the lowest group rate available for that time period.
Should we wait until we have qualified to make our hotel reservations?

You can go ahead and make your reservations in advance, but be sure to check the deadlines page to drop or cancel rooms any rooms that you won’t need so you will not be held liable.
How do I go about getting my hotel confirmation number?

We ask each hotel to send us an entire rooming list with hotel confirmation numbers. We then double check their list compared to ours to make sure there are no discrepancies. Once the hotel enters all the reservations into their system, they will send each individual that has an email listed in their reservation, a confirmation number.
How do I know how many nights to book if I don't know what days my child is competing?

You should go ahead and book for the longest time period you may stay, and then make changes to your dates as the event gets closer. Changes must be made by the individual hotel’s cancellation date (typically 72 hours in advance of your arrival) in order to avoid penalty.
How many rooms can a team block?

We do not impose a limitation on the number of rooms a team can block – neither a maximum nor a minimum, but the number of rooms available will vary by hotel. Please remember that other teams need rooms, and you should not book an excessive number of rooms – be reasonable about how many rooms you expect to fill.
Can I just submit my team's rooming list to make all room reservations?

Yes; please use this rooming list form and upload to the appropriate housing registration site or email it to Due to new credit card security regulations, we can only accept credit card information through our secure website or by telephone. DO NOT email credit card information. If you are emailing the rooming list, please leave the credit card information blank and call 888-939-5945 to provide this information over the phone.

To upload the rooming list document with credit card information to our secure site, first log in to your registration by clicking “Already registered?” at the very top of the appropriate housing registration site. Once logged in, click “My Information” on the left and then on the “Housing” tab, click the “Update Information/Upload Rooming List” button. Please check the deadlines page to see when rooming lists are due.

Alternatively, can each parent make their own individual reservations under the team's block of rooms?

Once a block of rooms is booked by your team, you can elect to have parents make their own reservations – rather than submitting a team rooming list. Your team’s parents will need to call us directly, and we will be happy to assist them in securing their room under the team block. Please instruct parents to NOT phone the hotel with such information.
How do I know which parents have made reservations under the team's block of rooms?

Once you book a block of rooms for your team, you will be emailed a link to a secure web page with your log in and password information. This web page will show who has submitted their reservation details to us. It is updated as parents make their individual reservations within your team’s block. Keep checking it!
What if I want a different room type than those listed?

Call us at 888-939-5945, and we will check with the hotel to see what other room types are available and at what rate.
The rooming list is due, but I do not have everyone's credit card number yet. What do I do?

Each reservation does need a valid credit card in order to hold their reservation. You can use your card to hold it and then change that at a later date.
REMEMBER: You are responsible for that room unless you cancel by the hotel’s cancellation date.
After I send the rooming list in, can we make changes? If so, do we call you?

Up until the date we turn the final reservations over to the hotel, you may make changes online or by calling our office. After that date, you may still make changes but will need to call the hotel directly. Please see the event reminders page to locate those dates.



Do I need to provide a credit card when I make a reservation with you?

  • Yes. For an individual reservation, we need your credit card number entered at the time of the reservation in order to guarantee your room.
  • For a team reservation, we require a credit card number to be placed on file at the time when you book the block of rooms. Teams may submit individual parent’s credit card numbers for each room at a later date. Please refer to the questions about submitting your team’s rooming list, or having parent’s call our office to make individual reservations. Sadly, too often a team contact will submit a reservation before their team has decided to attend the tournament, and later forget they are holding rooms. This keeps teams that are attending the tournament from being able to reserve those rooms. To protect the teams that are attending the tournament, this credit card number is held until either: 1) The team contact confirms the reservation with a rooming list; OR 2) Properly cancels the reservation within the time frame we give them.

Can I pay by check?

Almost all hotel’s will allow payment by check, but a credit card is still required to guarantee the reservation. This is in case of no-shows or incidental charges during the guest’s stay. Please call our office to set up payment by check since a form is usually required to be filled out prior to your arrival at the hotel.
Are my rooms guaranteed when I put down my name and credit card?

Do we have to pay a deposit?

At this time, only Gymnastics Nationals hotel’s charge one night’s room and tax prior to your arrival at the hotel. Please check the Event Reminders page to review those dates. There is no deposit required for any of our swimming and diving national events, so your credit card will not be charged until you check into the hotel.
Does that mean my card will be charged if my plans change and I forget to cancel this reservation?

When you make your reservation, you are held liable for those rooms you reserve. If you fail to cancel your reservation within the allotted time to do so you will be charged, based on the hotel’s policy, for those rooms.
What am I to do if the hotel charges me incorrectly?

Send us all of your reservation information, including your room folio or credit card statement showing the charge. We will send all of the information to the hotel and see that they refund accordingly.



Why do some hotels have more than a one night minimum?

When an area has more demand for rooms than there are available rooms, many hotel managers will require a minimum length of stay to help them maximize their revenue.
What age do you have to be to check into the hotel?

Most hotels require you to be at least 18 years old but in some cases, a hotel will call for you to be 21 years of age.
How far out can I may changes or cancel my reservation without penalty?

Most hotels have a 72 hour policy.



What if I want a different room type than you have available or maybe a suite?

Please let us know if you would prefer a different room type. We would be happy to get in touch with the hotel to check on their availability for you.
Am I guaranteed my special request (first floor, refrigerator, cot, etc.)?

Special requests are welcomed and will be submitted to the hotel, but they are simply that – requests. The hotel will make every attempt to honor each request, but it cannot be guaranteed.


What if I have more questions?

We’re here to help. Give us a call or send us an email.


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